Monday, November 1, 2010

Tips and Trick to Save Money While at the Oil Pump

How to save a few bucks everytime we get our cars pumped? It can be USD3 each timebut if you gassup at least 10 times each month, USD 30 isnot a bad amount!

Reading the following tips, I was grinning and at the same realized the reality in it. One good thing I can really not forget about this article is the "listening to your mom" part. It was put up cooly but it's indeed true! 

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"Some Tips on Saving Money at the Pump." Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL) 21 Sept. 2008: 21.

Some Tipson Saving Money at the Pump
Here is the scoop on a few commonly floated gas-saving tips, courtesy of Energyand Environmental Analysis, Inc..
Sweat a Little
For a car with a four-cylinder engine, running the air conditioner decreases fuel economy by 20%, says K.G. Duleep, managing director at Energy and Environmental Analysis,Inc., a consulting firm in Arlington,VA.
Drive 55
Speeding up by just five miles an hour on the highway cuts your fuel efficiency by 7% to 8%, according to David Green, a research fellow at Oak Ridge.
Use That Pressure Gauge
A single PSI (pound per square inch) drop in pressure of all four tires decreases fuel economy by 0.4%, according to But theres a limit: Make them too hard and you lose traction. The solution is to keep your tires inflated at the manufacturer-recommended level.
Turn Off the Engine
If youre going to be sitting for longer than a minute or two in a drive-through or waiting to pick up the kids at school, it pays to turn off the engine; every two minutes of idling uses about as much fuel as driving a mile. Coasting with the engine off is a really bad idea for cars that rely on power brakes and power steering.
Tune up that Dunker
Tuning up your car doesnt make much of a difference if its running fine. But if youve got an old car with multiple problems poor acceleration, misfiring a tune up could save you as much as 16 cents a gallon.
Listen to Your Mother
According to, aggressive driving at highway speeds, such as rapid acceleration, tailgating and constant braking, brings down fuel economy greatly. Driving more sensibly and at a constant speed can improve gas mileage by as much as 33%.

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