Sunday, October 31, 2010

Weight Loss Motivator

The article below may be five years old but I can attest to its effectivity. I am always in the quest of maintaining my weight at a below 50kg state. As I read the following article, I realized that it is indeed easier if our motives in doing someting is internal rather thaninduced by others!

Forme, I would like to loseweight to feel good, to be healthier and for me to be in good form and prevent backpain and unnecessary health effects cause by a heavier weight.

Following is the MLA bibliography for the article I have read as weight loss motivaing factors.

Work Cited
"Peak Form; Who Are You Losing Weight For?." The News Letter (Belfast, Northern Ireland) 11 Aug. 2005: 2.
Peak Form; Who Are You Losing Weight For?
LOSING weight is hard enough but it's even more difficult when you feel you have to, or should lose weight because your doctor, partner or family relative puts pressure on you.
Other people pressurizing you to lose weight is a de-motivator. The more you feel you have to do something ! the less likely you will feel like doing it at all.
Granted, certain people may only have your interests at heart, but do they? Don't forget this is still your life, your body and your mind. Other peoples "expert" opinion on your weight problem is only going to drive you towards your comfort foods even more, making you feel worse. Unless it is positive, constructive advice, ignore other people ! they are not helping you. Other people's opinion and advice is worth exactly what you pay for it ... nothing!
Make a list of reasons why YOU want to lose weight
Do you want to:
Look better in clothes? ... Looking well in your clothes is definitely a great incentive for losing weight. Not only will your old clothes fit ! you'll have more of a choice and wont be restricted to wearing baggy T-shirts and sweaters.
Feel healthier? ... Losing weight will have an amazing effect on your short-term and long-term health. Short-term ailments such as lower back pain, breathlessness, sore muscles or joints will magically ease or disappear altogether. Little things like playing with the kids, running up the stairs and just getting through the day, wont feel like such a chore. Long term health benefits are obvious. Losing body fat will prevent heart disease and strokes ! and will save your LIFE! And that&s worth losing weight for!
Feel more confident? ... Losing weight will have your confidence absolutely soaring. You will walk that bit taller, look people in the eye, instead of cowering away because of how awful you feel about yourself. You will feel fantastic because you will look fantastic ! and this will come across to others. Once you feel more positive about your life ! more positive things come into your life!
Improve your career/job prospects? Losing weight will certainly give you that extra confidence to go for what you want in your career or job. Feeling fitter and looking amazing will do wonders for your performance and efficiency at work, and therefore increase your chances of promotion.
Don&t let other people&s unqualified opinion or advice influence your decisions. At the end of the day, you owe it to yourself (no-one else!) to eat better and get more active so that you feel AND look better. Do it for you ! in your own time!

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