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Beauty Tips for Career Women

Indeed "putting the best face" is the way to describe or phrase it for us women it. Funny when you are in the office, and in a day you are to deal with many other people, 95 percent if not all are professionals and you don't have enough confidence. I mean, it can be that you just forgot your eye liner, lip gloss or a spray of perfume.

It may not be real for men but for women the confidence factor is indeed very influenced by how we feel within ourselves. Below is a surely helpful article for us all career women and for those who are aspiring.

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"Beauty Tips for Career Women." Ebony Sept. 1995: 36+.
Beauty tips for career women.

Dealing with the day-to-day stress that is a part of the job and lifestyle of the working woman is hard enough in itself. Making sure that you look your best while performing at your peak level takes additional effort and time. And some women, especially working mothers, might feel at times that it is impossible to prepare breakfast, get the kids off to school and do what is necessary to look great themselves as well.

But with better organization of time and by adopting a few manageable beauty tips, you will find that, yes, you can have it all - a fulfilling job, a good marriage as well as children - and still look good yourself.
Following are some beauty tips that will come in handy for any working woman, regardless of her particular job or profession. Sure, your job and family are important, but so are you and your appearance. Take the time and take the steps to make sure that you look your very best very single day.
Make Skin Care A Priority.
First impressions are important in the work world, so make sure you always put on your best face. The first step is to assess your skin-care regimen.
Adopt a twice-daily cleansing routine that is appropriate for your complexion. If you have oily skin, wash with a facial soap especially formulated for your skin type. Then use an astringent to remove residue of soap and dirt. Immediately follow with a moisturizer for oily skin. Many women with oily skin assume they do not need a moisturizer, but they are mistaken. A moisturizer should be applied after cleansing to lock moisture into your skin.
If you have dry skin, you may prefer to use a cream makeup remover rather than soap, and a toner is better for your skin than an astringent. Treat your skin to a rich moisturizer. Those with sensitive skin should use products that are free of fragrances and other irritants.
An important part of your beauty routine should be exfoliation, which leaves your skin radiant. By using a loofah sponge or exfoliating cream or lotion, you remove dead skin cells and prevent blocked pores that tend to cause blackheads and other blemisbes.
And regardless of how tired you might be after working late, cooking dinner and putting the children to bed, do not ever retire for the evening without first cleansing and moisturizing your face. Old makeup and dirt love such opportunities to clog your pores and create unsightly pimples.
Enhance Your Natural Beauty With
It is especially important to use makeup appropriately when reporting to the office. Use cosmetics to accent your natural features. Choose a foundation that complements and evens out your skin tone. Highlight your check bones with blushers. Eye shadows and liners should be subtle rather than garish. And all makeup shades should complement each other. You'll win points around the office by wearing subdued makeup that enhances your natural beauty.
Dress For Success.
How a woman dresses for her job is one of the most important factors in her career success. But keep in mind that proper attire varies from profession to profession, and even from company to company. If your employer has a dress policy, adhere to it. If not, take note of how those women who are in higher positions dress. Though mini skirts now are quite fashionable, they are frowned upon in many places of employment. Women who want to get ahead also should be wary of wearing see-through attire, skin-tight skirts and dresses, glittery party outfits, shorts, jeans and leggings. Banks, law firms and accounting firms, as well as many Fortune 500 companies, prefer that their employees wear more formal business attire. But even some of the most conservative companies now have casual days, on which all employees are encouraged to don casual attire. It would still be wise to lean conservative on the casual wear. Save the sweat suits, short-shorts, bustiers, skimpy T-shirts and other such clothing for the park or nightclub.
Eat Your Way to Better Health and A
Better Body.
A well-balanced diet is important to beauty. Eat at least five servings of ftuits and vegetables each day, and make sure whole grains and calcium are part of your daily diet. Protein is necessary for strong nails and healthy hair and skin. Iron, vitamin A and vitamin E are essential to beautiful skin.
Also, most working women could benefit physically and psychologically from losing a few pounds. In recent years as health-conscious people have cut back on the fat in their diets, they have increased their intake of sugar and carbohydrates. Consequently, many people, working women included, continue to be overweight.
Monitor your food intake and cut out (or at least cut down) the amount of sweets and starches you eat. Eat a nutritious low-fat breakfast. Rather than eating a sweet roll or donut at coffee break, eat a piece of fruit or a bagel without cream cheese. And plan your lunches and dinners so that you will not resort to high-fat, calorie-ladened meals put together hastily and influenced by hunger pains. As you lose weight and shape up, you may notice an increase in your energy level, as well as compliments coming your way from your co-workers.
Spice Up Your life With Exercise.
Exercise goes hand in hand with our calorie-cutting regimen. Regular exercise increases your energy and helps you deal with job-related stress; but it also helps increase your body's metabolism rate, thus enabling your body to burn more calories.
Even the busiest working mother can find time in her hectic day to exercise. When the weather is great, take a brisk walk in the morning before work, during your lunch break or after work. When possible, walk to work, or at least part of the way. Try running up and down the steps in your building. You can burn up a lot of calories, and give your cardiovascular system a good workout, by walking (or running) up flight of stairs several times a week.
Some busy women have found it beneficial to buy a treadmill or stairstepper so then, can exercise in the comfort of their homes when time permits. If you don't have such discipline, join a health club and/or get a personal trainer. To whittle down the waistline and tone up the thighs, make a habit of doing leg-lifts and slow stomach crunches while reading or watching television. Some experts advise that you can lose a half pound a week simply by cutting your caloric intake by 200 calories a day and exercising for just a half hour, five days a week. Regular exercise will result in a body of which you can be proud. And when you look good, you feel good and your self-esteem increases. Consequently, you perform better on the job.
Don't Neglect Your Crowning Glory.
Nothing detracts from one's appearance as much as unattractive hair. Experiment to find a hairstyle that is flattering to your facial features and easy to care for. Regularly have your hair professionally styled and trimmed to control split ends. And wash your hair at least once a week. Many women who shampoo infrequently find that their skin problems clear up with more regular hair washings. Those who wear braids should be aware that tightly braided hair can create constant tension on the hair follicles and result in permanent hair loss.
Put Your Best Foot Forward.
Don't ruin your otherwise perfect and professional look with worn-down shoes. Regularly visit a shoe shop and take steps to reduce wear on your shoes when you first buy them by having toes and heels reinforced.
It is also important to take proper care of your feet. While bathing, smooth rough heels and calluses with a pumice stone, and then lavish on rich moisturizers. And beware of high heels and the damage they may cause to your feet. Podiatrists say that high heels and ill-fitting shoes in general aggravate and sometimes even cause foot problems, such as bunions, corns, calluses and ingrown toenails. Wear comfortable shoes when walking long distances and save the high heels for in-office wear and special occasions.
Reduce Stress.
One of the best ways to combat stress in your life is by getting enough sleep. Sleep deprivation leads to signs of aging and causes skin to become ashen and lose its firmness. Wrinkles form more quickly, and dry, chapped lips and dark circles under the eyes may result. Stress also leads to acne flare-ups. Exercise helps reduce stress and sets the stage for a good night's sleep. Organize your life and priorities so that stress is minimized and you get the rest that is needed to make you more productive on your job.

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