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Vacation for Tips Parents - Roadtrip with Kids

Reading the shared techniques of other parents in dealing with their children is informative and at the same time fun! Some parents are really creative, patient and full of great ideas.

It's good to be also reminded about child locks when on the road.  Realizing the effect of pit stops is really amazing. This article is really helpful andfull of goodstuff. It seems obvious at times but not simple to remember these things most of the time.

This article was written by Shirley Henderson and the following is the full reference indication (Work Cited) which corresponds to the MLA citation used below:

Henderson, Shirley. "'We're on Vacation!' Tips for Easy Travel with Your Children."Ebony July 2006: 126+.


Some families will head for the open road this season. Going to the annual family reunion, for instance, can mean being in the car for extended periods of time. Parents should plan strategically when the kids are along. Consider these suggestions for travel by bus or car:
 Timing Is Everything. While planning for your road trip, leave very early in the morning or later in the evening in order to avoid traffic. 
Safety First. Most cars come with child locks on the doors. Always use them while your child is in the car. Also, make sure that car seats or booster seats are used for smaller children. 
Do Your Research. Half the fun of a family vacation should be the trip itself. Pack a picnic lunch and make sure that you will pass a park or good resting place where you can relax with the children. Be sure to freeze some of the juices and bottled water the night before so that you can have cold drinks when you stop. Plan your travel route so that you can stop at a family restaurant.
Make Frequent Pit Stops. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that you stop every two hours in order to give the children a break. If a child is feeling carsick, taking a break can help ease the queasiness. 
Road Trip Fun. In order to quell the "Are we there yet?" mantra from your children, there are a number of activities for them to do in order to help pass time. Have a travel scavenger hunt and print a list of things that your children can watch for. Some families even make up their own games. 
"During a bus trip to Mississippi for our family reunion, we made up a game called 'Black History Facts' for the kids," says Louise Hearns, an organizer of her annual family reunion, which usually attracts about 500 relatives--many of them children and teenagers. "A person gives out information pertaining to Black history or culture. We decide if true or false. It's educational and gives the adults a chance to interact with the youngsters."
 Another way to ease road trip blahs is to have each child bring along his/her favorite hand-held game, CD or DVD. Consider buying a few new DVDs and surprise the children with them when they begin to become antsy. 

It doesn't matter which method of transportation you decide to take during your family vacation, if you follow these simple tips, travel experts say you will be at your destination before you know it, and likely without any hassles or major stresses. (Henderson)

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