Friday, October 29, 2010

Vacation Tips for Parents - Airplane Travel

After reading the article I share to you, moms and dads of the world, I realized a lot of things. The tips are very helpful like the seat arrangement and what can be brought (approved) or otherwise.

Very good advice it is there for the multi-purpose the stroller can serve.

As a reaction to the liquid drinking during the flight, this would be compensated by extra diapers then. :)

This articles was written by Shirley Henderson and the following is the full reference indication (Work Cited) which corresponds to the MLA citation used below:

Henderson, Shirley. "'We're on Vacation!' Tips for Easy Travel with Your Children."Ebony July 2006: 126+.


Booking Your Flight and Seating. Always book your flight at non-peak travel times when flying with children, travel experts say. Also, check with the airline in advance to see if you can use an empty seat for your child should one become available. If your child is under 2 years of age the toddler will be allowed to sit in your lap. However, for safety and comfort, buy an airline seat for your child. Some airlines discount seats for babies by 50 percent. You can even bring along your child's car seat--make sure that it's Federal Aviation Administration-approved. If your child weighs up to 40 pounds, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that a car seat be used on an airplane. Also note that children cannot sit in the exit rows aboard planes.

Let's Roll. Don't check your stroller immediately upon entering the airport. The stroller can help you carry things that you'll need and will come in very handy if there are flight delays and your child needs a place to nap. Later, you can check the stroller at the boarding gate as you would a piece of luggage.

 What To Carry On. A week prior to the trip, create a list of items that you will need. Be sure to pack your carry-on bag with necessities such as baby wipes, extra diapers, a changes of clothes for both you and the kids, baby bottles and/or sip cups. Bring along bottled water and or juice boxes. Also pack healthy snacks in the event the children are asleep during mealtime. 

Prepare For Boredom. As anyone who has traveled with children knows, kids need to be entertained. The technology boom has made the job of parents easier with portable DVD and CD players. For smaller children, consider buying a new toy to give to your child on the plane. Or reintroduce an older toy to them. Also, coloring books are a convenient, inexpensive standby. 

The Ear Factor. Many children, as well as adults, suffer from ear pain during flights, especially during landing and take off. To help equalize air pressure in your child's ears, have them drink liquids during the flight, which encourages swallowing and allows the eustachian tubes to open. Check with your pediatrician who can prescribe a remedy for ear pain, especially if your child has an ear infection. Children older than 3 years of age can chew gum to help with ear popping. Infants can suck on their bottle or pacifier to help ease the pressure. Pack a first-aid kit for all modes of travel. (Henderson)

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