Sunday, October 31, 2010

Weight Loss Motivator

The article below may be five years old but I can attest to its effectivity. I am always in the quest of maintaining my weight at a below 50kg state. As I read the following article, I realized that it is indeed easier if our motives in doing someting is internal rather thaninduced by others!

Forme, I would like to loseweight to feel good, to be healthier and for me to be in good form and prevent backpain and unnecessary health effects cause by a heavier weight.

Following is the MLA bibliography for the article I have read as weight loss motivaing factors.

Work Cited
"Peak Form; Who Are You Losing Weight For?." The News Letter (Belfast, Northern Ireland) 11 Aug. 2005: 2.
Peak Form; Who Are You Losing Weight For?
LOSING weight is hard enough but it's even more difficult when you feel you have to, or should lose weight because your doctor, partner or family relative puts pressure on you.
Other people pressurizing you to lose weight is a de-motivator. The more you feel you have to do something ! the less likely you will feel like doing it at all.
Granted, certain people may only have your interests at heart, but do they? Don't forget this is still your life, your body and your mind. Other peoples "expert" opinion on your weight problem is only going to drive you towards your comfort foods even more, making you feel worse. Unless it is positive, constructive advice, ignore other people ! they are not helping you. Other people's opinion and advice is worth exactly what you pay for it ... nothing!
Make a list of reasons why YOU want to lose weight
Do you want to:
Look better in clothes? ... Looking well in your clothes is definitely a great incentive for losing weight. Not only will your old clothes fit ! you'll have more of a choice and wont be restricted to wearing baggy T-shirts and sweaters.
Feel healthier? ... Losing weight will have an amazing effect on your short-term and long-term health. Short-term ailments such as lower back pain, breathlessness, sore muscles or joints will magically ease or disappear altogether. Little things like playing with the kids, running up the stairs and just getting through the day, wont feel like such a chore. Long term health benefits are obvious. Losing body fat will prevent heart disease and strokes ! and will save your LIFE! And that&s worth losing weight for!
Feel more confident? ... Losing weight will have your confidence absolutely soaring. You will walk that bit taller, look people in the eye, instead of cowering away because of how awful you feel about yourself. You will feel fantastic because you will look fantastic ! and this will come across to others. Once you feel more positive about your life ! more positive things come into your life!
Improve your career/job prospects? Losing weight will certainly give you that extra confidence to go for what you want in your career or job. Feeling fitter and looking amazing will do wonders for your performance and efficiency at work, and therefore increase your chances of promotion.
Don&t let other people&s unqualified opinion or advice influence your decisions. At the end of the day, you owe it to yourself (no-one else!) to eat better and get more active so that you feel AND look better. Do it for you ! in your own time!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Vacation for Tips Parents - Roadtrip with Kids

Reading the shared techniques of other parents in dealing with their children is informative and at the same time fun! Some parents are really creative, patient and full of great ideas.

It's good to be also reminded about child locks when on the road.  Realizing the effect of pit stops is really amazing. This article is really helpful andfull of goodstuff. It seems obvious at times but not simple to remember these things most of the time.

This article was written by Shirley Henderson and the following is the full reference indication (Work Cited) which corresponds to the MLA citation used below:

Henderson, Shirley. "'We're on Vacation!' Tips for Easy Travel with Your Children."Ebony July 2006: 126+.


Some families will head for the open road this season. Going to the annual family reunion, for instance, can mean being in the car for extended periods of time. Parents should plan strategically when the kids are along. Consider these suggestions for travel by bus or car:
 Timing Is Everything. While planning for your road trip, leave very early in the morning or later in the evening in order to avoid traffic. 
Safety First. Most cars come with child locks on the doors. Always use them while your child is in the car. Also, make sure that car seats or booster seats are used for smaller children. 
Do Your Research. Half the fun of a family vacation should be the trip itself. Pack a picnic lunch and make sure that you will pass a park or good resting place where you can relax with the children. Be sure to freeze some of the juices and bottled water the night before so that you can have cold drinks when you stop. Plan your travel route so that you can stop at a family restaurant.
Make Frequent Pit Stops. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that you stop every two hours in order to give the children a break. If a child is feeling carsick, taking a break can help ease the queasiness. 
Road Trip Fun. In order to quell the "Are we there yet?" mantra from your children, there are a number of activities for them to do in order to help pass time. Have a travel scavenger hunt and print a list of things that your children can watch for. Some families even make up their own games. 
"During a bus trip to Mississippi for our family reunion, we made up a game called 'Black History Facts' for the kids," says Louise Hearns, an organizer of her annual family reunion, which usually attracts about 500 relatives--many of them children and teenagers. "A person gives out information pertaining to Black history or culture. We decide if true or false. It's educational and gives the adults a chance to interact with the youngsters."
 Another way to ease road trip blahs is to have each child bring along his/her favorite hand-held game, CD or DVD. Consider buying a few new DVDs and surprise the children with them when they begin to become antsy. 

It doesn't matter which method of transportation you decide to take during your family vacation, if you follow these simple tips, travel experts say you will be at your destination before you know it, and likely without any hassles or major stresses. (Henderson)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Vacation Tips for Parents - Airplane Travel

After reading the article I share to you, moms and dads of the world, I realized a lot of things. The tips are very helpful like the seat arrangement and what can be brought (approved) or otherwise.

Very good advice it is there for the multi-purpose the stroller can serve.

As a reaction to the liquid drinking during the flight, this would be compensated by extra diapers then. :)

This articles was written by Shirley Henderson and the following is the full reference indication (Work Cited) which corresponds to the MLA citation used below:

Henderson, Shirley. "'We're on Vacation!' Tips for Easy Travel with Your Children."Ebony July 2006: 126+.


Booking Your Flight and Seating. Always book your flight at non-peak travel times when flying with children, travel experts say. Also, check with the airline in advance to see if you can use an empty seat for your child should one become available. If your child is under 2 years of age the toddler will be allowed to sit in your lap. However, for safety and comfort, buy an airline seat for your child. Some airlines discount seats for babies by 50 percent. You can even bring along your child's car seat--make sure that it's Federal Aviation Administration-approved. If your child weighs up to 40 pounds, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that a car seat be used on an airplane. Also note that children cannot sit in the exit rows aboard planes.

Let's Roll. Don't check your stroller immediately upon entering the airport. The stroller can help you carry things that you'll need and will come in very handy if there are flight delays and your child needs a place to nap. Later, you can check the stroller at the boarding gate as you would a piece of luggage.

 What To Carry On. A week prior to the trip, create a list of items that you will need. Be sure to pack your carry-on bag with necessities such as baby wipes, extra diapers, a changes of clothes for both you and the kids, baby bottles and/or sip cups. Bring along bottled water and or juice boxes. Also pack healthy snacks in the event the children are asleep during mealtime. 

Prepare For Boredom. As anyone who has traveled with children knows, kids need to be entertained. The technology boom has made the job of parents easier with portable DVD and CD players. For smaller children, consider buying a new toy to give to your child on the plane. Or reintroduce an older toy to them. Also, coloring books are a convenient, inexpensive standby. 

The Ear Factor. Many children, as well as adults, suffer from ear pain during flights, especially during landing and take off. To help equalize air pressure in your child's ears, have them drink liquids during the flight, which encourages swallowing and allows the eustachian tubes to open. Check with your pediatrician who can prescribe a remedy for ear pain, especially if your child has an ear infection. Children older than 3 years of age can chew gum to help with ear popping. Infants can suck on their bottle or pacifier to help ease the pressure. Pack a first-aid kit for all modes of travel. (Henderson)

Vacation Tips for Parents - Introduction

I read the following articles on vacation and how helpful it was for one who has children. I do wish to share those tips with you all, moms, dads, andallparents out there. Enjoy your vacation!

This articles was written by Shirley Henderson and the following is the full reference indication (Work Cited) which corresponds to the MLA citation used below:

Henderson, Shirley. "'We're on Vacation!' Tips for Easy Travel with Your Children."Ebony July 2006: 126+.

'We're on Vacation!' Tips for Easy Travel with Your Children. by Shirley Henderson 

Traveling with children is an art form. Perfecting it may take a bit of finessing, some creativity and a little common sense. However, the outcome will be a relaxing vacation your family will never forget. Nicole Howell recalls a memorable travel experience with her husband and 2-year-old daughter, Mya, during a nonstop flight from Chicago to Tacoma, Wash. The trip was Mya's first plane ride, and the overly anxious mom tried to make sure she had all her ducks in a row. "I felt very prepared," says Howell, who brought along extra diapers, a change of clothes for the toddler and a spillproof cup for Mya. "Everything was going fine until my daughter accidentally knocked over my cup of orange juice on me. I didn't think to bring a change of clothes for myself." Luckily an observant flight attendant had a T-shirt that the soaked mom quickly changed into. Most parents know to expect some turbulence when traveling with their children. Whether you travel this summer by plane, train, car or bus, there are ways to make vacationing with your children a pleasurable experience for everyone. (Henderson)

After reading that article, I realized that sometimes we overfocused on one thing and missed relevant things that may in effect affect the overall results of the entire situation... in this case, Nicole's family's travel. 

I salute the airline company for having the shirt for passengers and the flight attendant is also very good.